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Own your employee onboarding

Honu is laser-focused on creating an amazing experience during the most critical stage of the employee lifecycle. Ensure seamless start dates and the long-term success of your employees.

Our customers ❤️us

"Honu automates all the must-haves, as well as little touches we wanted to add - a welcome survey, swag delivery, and more. Our new hires are over the moon about us, and I can spend my time designing culture programs rather than managing tasks and completing endless I-9s."

Ashkon Nosrat
Employee Engagement Manager

Task automation

Assign onboarding tasks to various stakeholders. They'll receive automatic reminders as due dates come up.

Feedback loops

Integrated feedback forms give you actionable data to improve your employee engagements.


Choose tasks and paths depending on office location, department, role, or any other custom tag.


Make sure no critical forms fall through the cracks with digital signatures and permanent document storage.


Create or select customizable dashboards for HR, executives, employees and more.

Guided progress

Managers and new hires can create custom goals and milestones, like a 30/60/90 day plan.

Save time.
Improve retention.